Radio hobby becomes more...

Posted: December 11, 2012 by Laurie-Ann Copple
Ontario Theological Seminary Class of 1999

After I graduated Tyndale, got married and settled into Ottawa, I needed a hobby.  That hobby turned out to be community radio.

I fell in love with the medium of radio while being a volunteer radio host at CKCU 93.1 FM's Over My Head (Christian music), and Window of Opportunity (folk-ish music).

I decided I wanted to learn more and possibly use radio as a bi-vocational career while doing missions. I attended Algonquin College for two years in radio-broadcasting, and graduated with honours in June 2012. 

My strengths have become creative writing (ads, promos and station imaging), audio production and on-air. 

I interned in December 2011 at CBC Radio 1 and 2 in Ottawa, and worked the last semester at CKDJ, AIR AM 1700 and CKCU.   I now work for Newcap Radio in Ottawa as a board operator, which I hope is the beginning to a great career in radio. 

In time I hope radio and missions will be paired up, whether I am in secular or Christian radio.

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