Would like to get in touch with BRE 05/06

Posted: May 18, 2012 by Wanda Park
Tyndale Class of 2006

Although I receive Alumni News from time to time, I never thought this site existed.

When I read the obituary of Byron Ng in April newsletter, I was so shocked. I was travelling in Asia in January & Febuary this year so I couldn't have attended his funeral even if I knew it then. Still, it would have been nice if I found out about Byron's situation earlier.

Byron's news made me think about my classmates. Due to many reasons, I haven't been keeping in touch with my classmates after the graduation. The last time that I saw any of my classmates was at our graduation in May 2006.

Liz and Dave were there with me. Now, I would like to find out more about my classmates.

On a personal note, I became an author and published two poetry books, latest one in Korean & English. I also became a grandmother a year ago. My beautiful grandaughter's name is Milena. I have remarried to a wonderful man almost 4 years ago and changed my name to PARK from ALFONSO. I have so many stories to share with my old friends. So, if you know who I am, I would love to hear from you.


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