Writing, Teaching, and Training

Posted: June 18, 2016 by Stewart Brown
Ontario Theological Seminary Class of 1985

I miss being close to Tyndale campus but it is a privilege to pray for and sometimes give funds in support old schools--college and seminary!
Presently, I am engaged in writing new books--one being "Welcoming Culture" based on my seminar "New Connections: Creating a Welcoming Church Culture". With much interest in the seminar, I believed that God is leading me to enlarge and adapt the material for churches and small groups with a leaders guide. Secondly, my ministry includes seminar teaching --including equipping events for "Encouraging Mentors". Thirdly, I am an associate with Action International Ministries with a focus on Pastoral Leadership Development--teaching in nations such as Cuba and Peru. My own web site is www.oneheartministries.ca with seminar brochures available on request.

Stewart Brown

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