About Coldwater Canada

Coldwater Canada is a faith and leadership development ministry that facilitates backcountry wilderness experiences and frontcountry leadership trainings to develop, equip and empower Jesus-centered leaders.
By harnessing transformative experiential learning strategies in the wilderness classroom, we aim to facilitate breakthroughs in people’s faith, character, relationships and leadership leading to increasing maturity and impact. We seek to inspire people to live rooted in Jesus, and live with alignment between their belief and behaviour. There is a huge need for Jesus-centred leaders, and we work to equip participants to become the problem solvers, change agents and leaders needed in their home communities.
Our wilderness programs operate in the Ontario wilderness and range from 3-18 day canoeing or backpacking trips led in the adventure education tradition. We have a range of open enrollment courses, and also work with churches, camps and schools to design custom wilderness experiences for their group.

Contact Information

Contact Person: 
Michelle Matthisen
Program Manager