About Listro's NoFrills

At a time when consumers were feeling the pinch of high inflation, many were only too happy to give up the frills to save money at the checkout counter. Loblaws quickly converted two dozen of its stores to No Frills® outlets. Business boomed, but became increasingly competitive through the 1980s. Then, in 1987, Loblaws decided to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of local ownership, changing the stores into franchise operations. Today, those owners proudly put their names out front, from Nadim’s No Frills® in Oshawa, Ontario to Kris’ No Frills® in Peace River, Alberta, to Kevin's No Frills® in Paradise, Newfoundland.

A lot has changed over three decades. That first prototype store has grown into more than 250 franchise locations across Canada. While the first stores had only a few hundred items, today's No Frills® has thousands to choose from, including fresh produce, meat and the very popular President's Choice®, as well as no name® line of products. But with all that has changed over the years, the No Frills® concept remains the same, focusing on great meat and produce, commitment to community and trusted low prices.

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Giovanni Listro
Store Owner