Natalie Yoo

Photo of therapist, Natalie Yoo

Registered Psychotherapist

 Phone: 416-226-6620 ext. 2858
 Email: nyoo [at]

MDiv, RP
Languages: English, Korean

Natalie is a graduate of Tyndale and has worked as a mental health and social service professional in hospital and community agency settings. She is actively involved in church ministry, including overseas missionary work. Natalie has learnt the importance of integrating faith with real matters of life through personal and professional experiences, and is currently using her insights in her teaching at Tyndale. She enjoys engaging with people from diverse backgrounds, and endeavors to understand and support where they are at. Natalie has experience in helping people with self-awareness and acceptance, family of origin, emotional understanding/regulation, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, shame and guilt, relationship issues, boundaries and assertiveness, faith issues, life stages and transition, discerning life path, grief, and trauma. Her approach is mainly based on the psychodynamic and explanatory model, and she has certificates in Enneagram and Spiritual Formation.

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