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Name Ext. Department
Rebecca Jenson 2111 Admissions
Andrea Johnston Potter 6770 External Relations
Stella Josiah 6721 External Relations
Tim Kantel 2209 Admissions
Marjory Kerr Office of the President
John Kessler 6724 Seminary Faculty
Esther Kim 2138 Seminary Staff
Genie Kim 2240 Bachelor of Education Faculty
Kevin Kirk 6776 External Relations
Michael Krause 2239 Seminary Faculty
Ron Kydd 2707 Seminary Faculty
Vivian Labib 2234 Human Resources
Wing-Hung Lam 6725 Seminary Faculty
Becky Lam 2691 Office of the Registrar
Iris Lam 2117 Library
Janice Lam 2129 Library
Sara Lee 2229 BEd
Anne Lee 4105 Development
Warren Li 4107 Development
Winston Ling 6747 Office of the President
Kevin Livingston 2207 Seminary Faculty
Shannon Loewen 2194 Student Life
Jane MacIntyre 2184 BEd
Donald MacLeod Seminary Faculty
Scott Masson 6778 Faculty
Joshua Mata 2160 Centre for Academic Excellance
Amy McAuley 2804 Admissions
Sharolyn McLeod 2123 Counselling Services
Ann Meek 6700 Office of the President
Tracey Mori 2784 Marketing & Communications
Andrew Mugford 2170 Admissions
Timothy Myland 2180 Spiritual Formation Centre
Gary Nelson
Arnold Neufeldt-Fast 2655
Wilma Nevers 2740 Counselling Services
Dennis Ngien 2763 Seminary Faculty
Bradley Noel 2144 Faculty
Helen Noh 2118 Seminary
Roxanne Oduro 6753 Office of the Registrar
Fae Opiniano 2216 Office of the Registrar
Cathy Parker 6700 Office of the President
James Pedlar 2215 Seminary
Jacob Pike 0 Campus & Conference Services
Christia Polinag 6738 Business Office
Vincent Poon 6786 Seminary Faculty
Ritche Rabara 2191 Campus Facilities
Hugh Rendle 6716 Library
Benjamin Reynolds 2145 Faculty
Elizabeth Reynolds 2173 Student Development
Neiel Rizzo 2237 Admissions