Tyndale Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Ext. Departmentsort descending
Vivian Labib 2234 Human Resources
Hugh Rendle 6716 Library
Isabella Gutherie-McNaughton 2126 Library
Petra Halonen 2131 Library
Iris Lam 2117 Library
Janice Lam 2129 Library
Becky Wismer 2128 Library
Victoria Zhang 2238 Library
Monica Duce 2785 Library
Maria Ho 6704 Library
Natalie Chin 2783 Marketing
Megan Dennett 2403 Marketing
Andy Smith 2714 Marketing & Communications
Tracey Mori 2784 Marketing & Communications
Larry Hopperton 2176 Office of Open Learning
John Wilkinson 4120 Office of the Chancellor
Winston Ling 6747 Office of the President
Andrea Johnston Potter 6770 Office of the President
Gary Nelson 6764 Office of the President
Cathy Parker 6700 Office of the President
Fae Opiniano 2216 Office of the Registrar
Yan Chan 2195 Office of the Registrar
Mandy Sun 2136 Office of the Registrar
Roxanne Oduro 6753 Office of the Registrar
Becky Lam 2691 Office of the Registrar
Jane Wang 2140 Office of the Registrar
Brenda Ho 2147 Office of the Registrar
Vivette Henry 2174 Psychology
Alfred Au 2761 Seminary
James Pedlar 2215 Seminary
Helen Noh 2118 Seminary
Rebecca Idestrom 6771 Seminary Faculty
Ian Scott 6719 Seminary Faculty
John Kessler 6724 Seminary Faculty
David Sherbino 6741 Seminary Faculty
Yau Man Siew 6750 Seminary Faculty
Michael Krause 2239 Seminary Faculty
James Beverley 6706 Seminary Faculty
Ron Kydd 2707 Seminary Faculty
James Robertson 2274 Seminary Faculty
Wing-Hung Lam 6725 Seminary Faculty
Wafik Wahba 2132 Seminary Faculty
Janet Clark 2235 Seminary Faculty
Marilyn Draper 2185 Seminary Faculty
Kevin Livingston 2207 Seminary Faculty
Donald MacLeod Seminary Faculty
Susan Ellfeldt 6787 Seminary Faculty
Dennis Ngien 2763 Seminary Faculty
Kern Stanberry 2106 Seminary Faculty
Vincent Poon 6786 Seminary Faculty