Teacher candidates talking with one another
Teaching is a relational activity. 

Teacher Candidates work with each other and with Faculty to create a vibrant learning community built on trust, care, support and respect.

The experience of a supportive learning community at Tyndale gives the Teacher Candidates a vision of how to create supportive learning communities in their own classrooms.  In every course, Teacher Candidates meet in small groups and work collaboratively giving them the experience of learning from each other in a positive environment.

Underpinning each and every decision made by teachers, including the way they view and interact with students, are their values and beliefs. Tyndale has made it a priority to ensure that the program offers Teacher Candidates a place to explore these foundational understandings.  In addition to the philosophy and foundations courses, Teacher Candidates at Tyndale explore diverse perspectives through such activities as meeting with leaders of various religious faiths in the Toronto area.

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