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The following is a list of courses offered in the Bachelor of Education (BEd) program.

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EDIT 502 Music I

Designed to facilitate deeper study for teacher candidates wishing to teach music at the Intermediate level in Ontario schools. Teacher candidates will have the opportunity to explore a variety of resources (texts, instruments, media and human) and approaches to the delivery of music education to diverse learners. They will practice their teaching of the music strand of the Arts curriculum through developing expertise in vocal and instrumental program delivery and consider the opportunity that music offers to adolescents as they transition from elementary to secondary school. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 university credit hours in Music.

EDIT 504 English I

Designed to prepare future teachers in developing an informed and reflective practice while working with intermediate students in a diverse society. It provides teacher candidates with an increased knowledge of the intermediate learner, the learning environment, the English curriculum (Grades 7 to 10), the challenges adolescents face as they transition from elementary to secondary school and the foundational knowledge, skills and technology necessary for the planning and implementation of an effective and motivating language arts program. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 university credit hours in English.

EDIT 505 French as a Second Language I

Provides teacher candidates with a knowledge, understanding and practice of teaching French to intermediate level students whose first language is not French, in Core, Extended and Immersion classes. Teacher candidates will learn about their role in supporting the diverse learning needs of students who are coming to French as language learners. Prerequisite: Demonstration of proficiency based on the French Language Competency Test and a minimum of 12 university credit hours in French.

EDIT 507 Mathematics I

Builds on EDUI 5233 and EDUI 5243. It provides teacher candidates with the theory, methodology, assessment strategies, knowledge and conceptual understanding of content to help them facilitate the teaching of mathematics to intermediate students. The components of the course will help teacher candidates to develop the confidence, resources and necessary background knowledge that will enable them to meaningfully engage all adolescent learners. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 credit hours of Mathematics.

EDIT 509 Science General I

Science Intermediate builds on EDUI 5033, exposing teacher candidates to more in-depth issues related to the teaching of science in Grades 7 to 10. Concept development, assessment, evaluation, and hands-on activities, together with detailed safety procedures, will be emphasized. Detailed lesson and unit planning will be a key part of this course with consideration given to First Nation, Métis and Inuit perspectives, environmental stewardship, integration of literacy and numeracy and the transition into science specialties. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 university credit hours in Science.

EDIT 511 Geography I

Designed for those teacher candidates who wish to acquire a subject specialty in Geography at the Intermediate Division (Grades 7 to 10). Teacher candidates will investigate geographic issues in Canada and build their awareness of connections between Canada and the world. Teacher candidates will have opportunities to analyze, interpret and implement the Ontario Ministry intermediate Geography curriculum and resource documents and become familiar with theoretical understandings, curriculum applications, basic principles, concepts, skills, strategies, values and attitudes that are necessary in order to design, implement and assess intermediate geography programs. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 university credit hours in Geography.

EDIT 512 History I

Builds on EDUI 5053 and focuses on the design and implementation of the Intermediate History and Civics programs for Grades 7 to 10 based on the overall and specific expectations outlined in the Ontario Ministry curriculum documents. Through an understanding of the four concepts of historical thinking in an inquiry-based approach to learning, teacher candidates will be able to support students in understanding history as an interpretive discipline where students can rethink assumptions and consider the validity and credibility of evidence in order to construct/re-construct new perspectives. Prerequisite: A minimum of 12 university credit hours in History.

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