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Tyndale's Bachelor of Education program is dedicated to developing teachers that are responsive to their students' needs.

Addressing students’ learning needs is foremost but we must consider their personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well. To do so, Tyndale's Bachelor of Education program prepares its graduates to create safe and engaging communities of learning within their classrooms.

Tyndale's 16-month program is geared towards providing Teacher Candidates a full learning knowledge base by covering all core curricular areas. There are extended seminars for special topics in areas such as literacy, math, and assistive technologies to ensure that Teacher Candidates can best meet their students’ needs. Tyndale's program also allows  for approximately 110 days of experience in the classroom. Tyndale ensures that our graduates are prepared. Teacher Candidates spend weeks completing course work before beginning their practicum placement. They do so in order to begin their practicum with confidence and a framework to understand the complexities of the classroom experience.

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