Upcoming Events

Oct 31 2019

CAE Talks: Treading Water

Thu, 2019/10/31 - 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Sometimes do you struggle to keep your head above the water? University can feel overwhelming for most people! This seminar is aimed to provide tips on life changes that may seem small but pack a punch when it comes to life change. Speaker: Rachel Vonk Location: Kimmerle Hall (E320...

Nov 1 2019

TyndaleU Preview Weekend

Fri, 2019/11/01 - 5:00pm to Sat, 2019/11/02 - 1:30pm

Nov 2 2019

Toronto Children's Ministry Conference 2019

Sat, 2019/11/02 - 8:00am

BE INSPIRED • BE EQUIPED The Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference is a gathering of people who are dedicated to the spiritual growth of children - parents, church volunteers, ministry leaders, and anyone who has a passion for ministering to children. On Saturday, November 2nd at...

Nov 5 2019

Community Chapel

Tue, 2019/11/05 - 11:15am

Every Tuesday our community gathers for a time of corporate worship in our beautiful Chapel. Please join us each week at 11:15 am. This week, we continue with our special series of talks in honour of our retiring president, Dr. Gary Nelson by welcoming Dr. Rick Tobias to our pulpit. Since 1983...

Nov 5 2019

CAE Works: Biblical Studies and Theology, and BRE

Tue, 2019/11/05 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm

CAE Works events are program specific group Career Consultations. Come and hear about how to be career ready for your area of study. This also includes discussion of graduate studies and preparation for that. Hosted by James Brooks with Career Consultant of 25 years Yvonne Rodney. Location: G308

Nov 7 2019


Thu, 2019/11/07 - 7:30am

Join Tyndale's Coordinator of Student Mentoring and Spiritual Development, Elizabeth Reynolds, for a half hour of comtemplative prayer every Thursday morning at 7:30 in the Stiller Lounge. All are welcome!

Nov 7 2019

CAE Chatroom: Learnstyle

Thu, 2019/11/07 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Hosted by Learnstyle. LearnStyle will be available to provide assistance with educational apps and assignment planning. Location: Stiller Lounge (CH304)

Nov 7 2019

CAE Talks: What's the Point (of this Paper)?

Thu, 2019/11/07 - 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Looking for a way to make the point of your paper stand out? Then join us for this seminar all about what a thesis is, what it’s not, and some tools for building stronger ones. Speaker: Brent Bonvanie Location: Kimmerle Hall (E320). Live stream also available.

Nov 9 2019

CCST (Toronto) Extended Education: Christian Counselling

Sat, 2019/11/09 - 9:00am to 1:00pm

Christian Counselling (Mandarin) 幸福家庭多面观 (国语) 本课程从最新的心理学进展、现实的家庭挑战和基督教信仰出发,介绍家庭系统理论、依附理论和建立幸福家庭的基本策略。学习从整体的角度认识家庭,理解家庭成员间的互动方式,懂得个人的核心情感需要,建立幸福家庭。本课程将帮助大家更好地将圣经的教训应用到家庭建设之中,例如,分辨善恶的危害,尽心尽力爱神的益处,从而实现家庭的幸福和个人的健康。 Instructor 講師: 倪星群醫生 Dates & Time: November 9, 16 & 23 (Saturdays), 2019, 9:...

Nov 9 2019

Saturday Drop-In

Sat, 2019/11/09 - 10:00am to 2:00pm