Enneagram Module 5: Three Centred Growth

Event Date(s): Sat, 2024/02/10 - 9:00am to 3:00pm
Event Location: Tyndale University and Online
Event Type: Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre
Tyndale Spiritual Formation Centre Enneagram: Self-Awareness and Growth Certificate offers 7 modules, beginning September 16, 2023, running through April 20, 2024.


This module is offered in person, and online. Participants will be required to select one of the two options prior to the module date. Participants are encouraged to opt for in person, if possible as this delivery option will allow for better participation and learning.

Much of our work with the Enneagram focuses on understanding our type and developing ways to be less defended, to be less often thinking, feeling and behaving on automatic. There are other complimentary and critical ways to work as well.

We have 3 centres of intelligence: head, heart and body. Each centre holds a wisdom unique to that centre. To be fully ourselves, we need to have access to all of our centres, all of our wisdom, to live as the being, the sacred being that we truly are. But the wisdom, especially of our dominant centre, the centre of our greatest gifts, is hijacked by our type’s patterns: the head for head centres, the heart for heart centres ad the body knowing for body centres. And so, we need to be able to open into all of our centres to help us shift our patterning.

On this day, we will explore how to open to and listen to the wisdom of all our centres - as part of the path to integrating them into our living.

Note: A week ahead of the actual workshop date participants will be given access to videos to be viewed ahead of the class. The zoom time together will assume the participants have watched the videos. Please register early and come prepared to the zoom time with your questions and queries.

Learning Objectives

  • To improve your understanding of how type can limit our ability to access our wisdom
  • To have a greater appreciation for the distinct wisdom of each of our centres
  • To begin to learn how to work yourself in order to have freer access to your gifts and your wisdom

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