Overview of CBT

Event Date(s): Fri, 2023/12/01 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Event Location: Online
Event Type: Wellness Centre

Tyndale Wellness Centre Professional Development Webinars for Psychotherapists offer weekly webinars, beginning September 2023, running through March 2024.

The weekly professional development webinars for psychotherapists cover a wide range of topics including therapeutic modalities, and legal and ethical issues, while also focusing on the cultivation and enrichment of therapists' self-awareness.

A certificate of attendance will be provided for live webinar participants.

Our presenters possess a deep passion for their respective topics and are qualified to deliver these current and relevant presentations.

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Webinar Description: Overview of CBT

In the 1960s, Aaron Beck has developed cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It has since been extensively researched and CBT is being used by psychotherapists, medical doctor and psychiatrists to improve the client/patient outcomes.  

In this workshop, the participants will learn about the basics of CBT, what are the practical tools that are effective towards a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and other mental illness.


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Winnie Lai

Winnie Lai


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