Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy

Event Date(s): Fri, 2024/01/12 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Event Location: Online
Event Type: Wellness Centre

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Webinar Description: Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy

The meaning and implications of self-disclosure in psychotherapy have expanded over the past few decades. The practicing of psychotherapy as a regulated profession within a culture that sees increasing usage of information technology and social media means that clinicians must pay closer attention to the changing concepts, scope, and use of self-disclosure both inside and outside the office. This webinar will explore the contemporary multi-dimensional scope and implications of self-disclosure in psychotherapy. Participants will gain insights into critical ways that self-disclosure can be safely and intentionally used to achieve sound ethical and clinical outcomes in the practice of psychotherapy.


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Kern Stanberry

Kern Stanberry

Adjunct Professor of Counselling

Kern Stanberry has a passion to help people thrive in their personal lives, their spiritual life, and in their relationships. He seeks to combine the realities of a person’s psychological, social, and spiritual experiences into the process of addressing various life issues, challenges, and situations.

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