Dr. Bill Gardner

Title & Contact Info

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

 Email: wgardner [at] tyndale.ca
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2276
 Department: Linguistics

Academic Credentials

PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2010
MA, University of North Dakota, 1990
Master of Christian Studies, New College for Advanced Christian Studies (Berkeley), 1985
BSc, University of California – Davis, 1979

Areas of Specialization

Phonology, morphology, orthography, Bantu languages


Dr. Gardner has spent 19 years working with SIL International in various African countries, including 9 years in Kenya, 7 years in Mozambique and 2 years in Congo-Brazzaville. He has also taught for 4 years with the Canada Institute of Linguistics at Trinity Western University and is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Dr. Gardner and his wife Lori have two sons and three grandsons. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys books, board games, and Spider-Man.

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