Undergraduate Returning & Graduating Scholarships & Awards

Returning and Graduating Scholarships and Awards are monetary awards given on the basis of academic achievement. Some may also consider other factors such as school and community involvement, qualities of leadership or other criteria.

Returning Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships for returning students are awarded to the current students who are returning to Tyndale in the next academic year and not currently in their final year of the program.

Graduating Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and awards for graduating students are awarded to students in the final year of their program.

President’s Scholarship ($1,000 - $4,000)

The President's Scholarship is awarded automatically to every qualified returning student (students who have completed at least 12 credit hours at Tyndale) who is enrolled full-time in a BA or BRE program at Tyndale and meets the academic criteria below.

The scholarship level is dependent on a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and is determined upon completion of the most recent winter semester. The scholarship will be awarded in the following academic year.

Students do not have to submit an application to receive this scholarship. They will be automatically considered for the President’s Scholarship.

Scholarship Level Scholarship Amount Criteria
President’s Scholarship of Distinction $4,000 Minimum of 3.90 CGPA
President’s Scholarship of Excellence $2,500 3.70 - 3.89 CGPA
President’s Scholarship of Merit $1,000 3.30 - 3.69 CGPA

Christian Camp Service Award ($500)

Awarded up to a maximum of five full-time students with financial need being an essential criterion. Student must be working full-time at a partnering Christian camp for the summer leading up to their academic year at Tyndale. A supporting document confirming this employment is required.

Applying for Christian Camp Service Award

You must submit an application to apply for the Christian Camp Service Award. The application deadline is September 22, 2023.

Instructions on How to Apply for Scholarships & Awards

Returning & Graduating Scholarships & Awards

The following are lists of the Returning and Graduating Scholarships and Awards available for undergraduate students to apply. Some of these scholarships or awards might require an application while some do not.

List of Undergraduate Studies Returning Student Scholarships & Awards (PDF)

List of Undergraduate Studies Graduating Student Scholarships & Awards (PDF)

Applying for Returning & Graduating Scholarships & Awards

You can apply for Returning and Graduating Scholarships and Awards by submitting an application for each of the scholarships you are interested in.

Instructions on How to Apply for Scholarships & Awards

Applications for the 2024 Returning and Graduating Scholarship and Awards are now open. All applications and required supporting documents for Returning and Graduating Scholarships and Awards must be submitted online by January 31, 2024.