External Financial Aid for University College

The Financial Aid office at Tyndale seeks to help University College students as best they can.

In addition to possible financial aid from parents, summer/part time employment, and student line of credit (bank loans), we have compiled a list of possible external financial aid sources across Canada that offers scholarships and awards.

External Scholarships & Awards

Some sites will help connect you with various scholarships and awards. Register with the site and make a profile. They will match you with any scholarships and awards that may be relevant to you.

External Scholarships and Awards for University College

Toronto Mass Choir Youth Scholarship Fund

The TMC Youth Scholarship Fund provides financial support to students enrolled in post-secondary education who are actively engaged in improving their community. Recipients of the scholarship fund can receive an award of $300-$500. 

Submit applications directly to Toronto Mass Choir.

Application Deadline for the 2019-2020 academic year: July 31, 2019

Learn more about the Toronto Mass Choir Youth Scholarship Fund