External Financial Aid

There are tens of thousands of scholarships offered by various sources across Canada. Studies show that there is over $7 million in Financial Aid unclaimed each year. Some site will help connect you with various scholarships and awards. All you need to do is register with the site, make a profile, and they will match you with any scholarships that may be relevant to you. Here are a couple of tips:
  • Apply! – If you don’t apply for scholarships, you do not get scholarships. Get your applications out there and see what you can get.
  • Apply early! – You can start to apply for scholarships as early as grade 11. Scholarships applications get posted and expire all throughout the year. The earlier you start applying, the more scholarships you will have access to.
  • Apply often! – The more scholarships you apply for, the greater your chances you will have at receiving one. You are more than welcome to apply for more than one scholarship. Also, the more scholarships you apply for, you will get into a habit and rhythm with your applications. Your applications will get better and be done much quicker than your first few. What may have taken an hour before will take you 10 minutes the more familiar you are with the process.
Do some research and find out what is available for you!