Cost of Attendance (COA)

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of reasonable educational expenses a student should anticipate for the study period. What is included in this estimate is determined by the US federal law. These expenses include direct costs which are associated with attending Tyndale and indirect costs. Direct costs include course fees (including ancillary fees) and residence fees (if applicable). Indirect costs will factor in a student’s cost of living including room & board (if living off campus), textbooks & supplies, health insurance, and other miscellaneous living expenses (e.g. food, transportation, personal hygiene, recreation, and more).

2018-2019 Estimated Cost of Attendance Table (PDF)

In accordance to US federal regulations, a student’s awards cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Awards include Title IV funds (loans and grants), all scholarships & bursaries awarded by the school, and third-party awards.

When awarding students their Title IV funds, Tyndale will take into account all their earned awards to balance with their COA. This rule is put in place to help prevent over awarding unnecessary funds to the student they will be obligated to pay back.