Tyndale offers programs designed to encourage sponsorships from your church and others.

Tyndale Church-Match Program

This is a matching church gift program in which Tyndale will match, dollar-for-dollar, church sponsorships towards a student’s education to a maximum of $100 per course ($125 per course for D.Min). For a full-time student taking ten courses per year, this could equal up to $2,000 in aid. More details about the program can be found on the application form.

Church-Match Program Application 2017-18 (PDF) Church-Match Program Application 2018-19 (PDF)

Note: Academic year maximum: $1,000 in each academic year for UC, $900 for Seminary students, $1,000 for BEd students and $500 for D.Min Students.

Forgivable Loan Program

The Forgivable Loan Program permits qualified students to apply for an interest-free loan from Tyndale to pay for part or all of their tuition and living expenses. This loan will be forgivable if the student meets the requirements of the program. To qualify for the program, student must demonstrate financial needs and meet all the requirements specified in the agreement. Students are also expected to help sustain this program by raising funds for undesignated contribution to the Forgivable Loan Program. All funds raised for this program will be placed in a general pool. Immediate family members of students involved in the program are not permitted to donate. Please check the definitions and other conditions.

Anyone who contributes to this program will receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of their donation for income tax purposes.

Applications are available below or from the Financial Aid Office.

Forgivable Loan Program Application 2017-2018 (PDF)FLP 2017-2018 Transmittal Form (PDF)

Forgivable Loan Program Application 2018-2019 (PDF) FLP 2018-2019 Transmittal Form (PDF)

There is no deadline date to apply for the FLP. Students can apply throughout the year.

Interest Subsidy Program

Students can qualify for private education loans up to $10,000 from their local bank. Please contact your local bank for details.

Tyndale will provide a subsidy for the interest incurred on a student loan for full-time students studying at Tyndale Seminary. The subsidy will be calculated based on the prime interest rate in Canada plus 1% and will be provided each year for a maximum of three years. The loan amount that the interest will be subsidized on must not exceed $2,000.

Note: This does not apply to the Doctor of Ministry program. This aid is also available for the Bachelor of Education program.

Interest Subsidy Program Application (PDF)