Tyndale students studying in the hallway together

Capital Campaign

The goal of Tyndale is not to build an institution. We are engaged in shaping the people who will change the world. The new campus, on the former site of the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph, will be the home of Tyndale University.

We are determined to increase the number of students that will become Tyndale alumni. Our professors will help form new scholars and Christian professionals for service in business, schools, social agencies, nongovernment organizations, and churches. The chapel will be a place of community worship in which God’s Word is proclaimed and responses of faith affirmed.

This campaign is focused on transforming the Bayview campus. It includes the following:

Expand library space to support academic excellence

The new library is a place where students will have easier access to online and offline resources. It will provide spaces with quiet rooms for studying and places that allow for interactive group work. Resources that challenge the minds and hearts of students will be at its core. Imagine the levels of academic excellence that will be reached.

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Create facilities for academic learning

Tyndale’s academic experience centers around the life-long relationships developed between students and professors. You can enhance the experience by providing spaces and technology that will allow professors to further engage their students by expanding and diversifying their curriculum.

Craft an outstanding student experience

Tyndale’s Bayview campus is inviting with its beautiful landscaping, ravine and pathways. The new renovations will bring that inspiration indoors, taking the student experience to a whole new level. The needed renovations touch almost every part of the student experience and include classrooms, lounges and meeting rooms, technology capabilities, residences, faculty and staff offices and food service areas.

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For more information contact:

Kevin Kirk,    
President, The Tyndale Foundation
Senior Vice President, External Relations
kkirk [at] tyndale [dot] ca
416.226.6620 ext. 6776