Financial Aid & Costs

Total costs for tuition, fees, residence, meal plan, books and incidentals will average $20,000 in Canadian currency per year. International students are required to pay their first year’s fees in full when they register for classes.

Costs include:

  • Tuition fees ($15,240)
  • Residence/meal plan ($5,300)
  • Books ($1,000)
  • Introduction to University ($441)
  • Mandatory health insurance ($650)
  • Incidentals like travel, winter clothing, entertainment, etc. ($2,000)

Tyndale does not offer full scholarships, and our financial aid for international students is limited. US Students, please visit our page about U.S. Student Loans.

If you are applying with SAT marks, transferring from an accredited international university or applying to the seminary from an accredited international university, you may qualify for our President's Scholarship: