Once you have been granted admission to a degree program at Tyndale, your admissions counselling will contact you regarding your next steps, and your acceptance letter will be mailed to you. Depending on your location, it may take several weeks for the mailed acceptance letter to reach you.

Tuition Deposit

You must be prepared to submit a $3,000 tuition deposit ($300 for US students) in order to secure your spot at Tyndale, receive the required form from Tyndale to be able to apply for a study permit, and register for courses. You may make this payment by cheque or money order by mailing it to Tyndale at the following address:

Tyndale University
Attn: Student Financial Services Office
3377 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ONT
M2M 3S4

Should you desire to pay the fee in any other method or if you have questions about tuition or fee payment, please contact the Student Financial Services Office by emailing sfs [at] tyndale [dot] ca or calling 416-226-6620 ext. 2197.

Please do not send cash.

Application for Study Permit

Once the $3,000 ($300 for US students) payment is received, we will send a personalized immigration chart to you, which is required for your application for a study permit in Canada. As the study permit applicant, you are responsible for submitting all required documents to and communicating with the Canadian embassy near you. Please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada study permit guide to read about the study permit application process and requirements. All questions related to the study permit application should be directed to the Canadian embassy near you.

Study Permit denial

Should your study permit be denied, please write a letter about your visa denial and send it to the Tyndale Admissions Office in order for the deposit to be returned, minus bank administration fees (ie. the cost of wire transfer, approx. $50-$80). A non-refundable amount of $300 will be deducted from the deposit.