Israel Landscape

Israel Study Tour: Historical Geography of the Bible

Event Date(s): Sun, 2023/05/14 - 12:00am to Sun, 2023/06/04 - 12:00am
Event Type: Study Tour

Tyndale University is offering an Israel Study Tour led by Dr. Rebecca Idestrom, Dr. Duncan Reid, and Dr. Ginger Caessens. The three weeks tour combines travel with lectures and readings to provide students with a rich, on-site learning experience.

Students will spend three full weeks in Israel visiting sites throughout the country that formed the stage on which so many biblical events were played out. The tour will move region-by-region, spending time in Jerusalem and Judea, Benjamin, the Coastal Plain, the Negev, the Dead Sea area, the Jordan Valley, the Galilee, and the Golan Heights. In each area, students will learn about its geography and archaeology, exploring how the features of each area shaped the history of its people. Attention will also be given to the imagery and symbolism connected with each region in both the Old and New Testaments.

All Inclusive Tour

  • 21 Nights of Hotel Stay
  • Three Meals Each Day
  • All Transport in Israel
  • All Tips and Incidental Fees
  • Expert Guide and Lectures
  • $4060 USD All Inclusive

Flight Cost

$1850 CAD Round Trip Airfare

Tyndale Registration

  • $400 Administrative Fee for all participants
  • $400 Additional Posting Fee for students taking this course for credit
  • Please contact the course instructors for details

Study Tour Syllabus

View the Israel Study Tour Syllabus (PDF)


Please contact Dr. Rebecca Idestrom or Dr. Duncan Reid regarding the tour, costs, registration, payment and travel details.

ridestrom [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Tyndale%20University%20-%20Israel%20Study%20Tour%3A%20Historical%20Geography%20of%20the%20Bible%20) (Dr. Rebecca Idestrom)

Professor of Old Testament

dreid [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Tyndale%20University%20-%20Israel%20Study%20Tour%3A%20Historical%20Geography%20of%20the%20Bible%20) (Dr. Duncan Reid)

Associate Professor of New Testament


Please Note

  • The Israel Tour is a cross-listed course for both Undergraduate and Seminary students at Tyndale (BIBL 0603, Seminary) and (RLGS 3703, Undergraduate Studies).
  • For Seminary students, this course can count as either a New Testament elective or an Old Testament elective.
  • Please be aware that this is a physically demanding tour, which will involve significant amounts of walking in a hot climate.

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