Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

Internet access is provided via a wireless network installed on the Tyndale campus. Wireless network coverage includes the Tyndale residence areas, common areas (i.e. lounges, student commons, dining hall & cafe), classrooms, and the chapel. Your Tyndale username and password are required to access the TyndalePRI and TyndaleSEC networks.

The preferred network to use is TyndalePRI because it will cache your credentials saving you from having to reauthenticate each time you restart your device or leave the campus.

Some devices are unable to connect to TyndalePRI. In these cases you should use TyndaleSEC. The SEC network will allow you to connect without any login, however, you must launch a web browser to authenicate to the network before you will be able to access the internet or any other network resources.

Guests, and Alumni must speak with reception to obtain the username and password for accessing the TyndaleGuest network.

Wireless Connection Information