Helpdesk Help - New Employee Request

Manager’s Guide:

A new request type has been created within the Tyndale Helpdesk system to be used by department managers when a new employee has accepted a position. This request can be selected from the Request Type drop down menu as seen below in Figure 1. create help request page with "New employee - for hiring managers only" option selected in "Request type" dropdown list 
Figure 1

Once the New Employee request type has been selected all the required fields will display below along with a set of instructions.
At the end of some fields you will notice a blue icon with the letter “I” in it as seen in Figure 2. Mouse over this icon to see further instructions/clarification on what information is required for that field.

Blue "i" icon
Figure 2

A significant piece of information we are looking for, is whether this new employee is filling a recent or soon to be vacant position, or a brand new position here at Tyndale. In case of the former, most IT assets will be transferred to the new employee, while in the latter new assets will need to be deployed.

New employee "New position or Replacement?" dropdown select list
Figure 3

When filling in the fields that relate to IT Assets that will be assigned to the new employee you will notice dollar amounts assigned to the some options. See Figure 4. Options with dollar amounts should only be select when new assets are required for the employee. For example, if the new employee is filling a recent or soon to be vacant position the option “Same As” should be selected as he or she will be assigned the assets of the former employee.

Computer asset dropdown select list with various computer options and their prices
Figure 4

At the end of the New Employee request type form is a field to enter a budget line account number. This field is required in order to successfully complete the form. If options have been selected that require the acquisition of new assets, money from the budget line entered in Figure 5 will be transferred to the IT budget.

Budget Line form field
Figure 5