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Tyndale (Office 365) Services Include:

Office 365 E-mail:

Office 365 logoMyTyndale email services are offered to every student and are maintained for the life of that student. You have 50 GB of storage shared between email (including attachments) and OneDrive.  Given the possibility that spam filters could block messages coming from external email accounts, it is recommended that students use their @mytyndale.ca e-mail when communicating with Tyndale faculty and staff to ensure e-mail delivery.

To access your Tyndale e-mail, visit http://webmail.mytyndale.ca and log in using your username and password.


OneDrive logoOneDrive is a great place to store all your important documents - it allows you to store up to 1 TB (Terabyte) of data in your own personal drive. This is a great way to ensure you don't lose that paper the night before it's due.

To access your Tyndale OneDrive, log in to your email and select OneDrive.

Office Applications:

Office Web AppsDon't want to pay for the Office Suite on your computer?  Do you run a different operating system (Linux, MacOS)?  Why not work on the cloud?  With Office365 applications you will have access to some key pieces of software to help you be successful in your academic career. You are able to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even OneNote (Note Management Software) and have all of your documents saved to your personal OneDrive. Not only do you have access to your files anywhere you can also collaborate/coauthor with group members or other students simply. These services are all accessible through Office365.

To access your Tyndale office applications, log in to your email, select OneDrive and select New document. For further training and tutorials join Tyndale's open training course.

Updated July 2019