Accessing printers

You can log into the printers with your Tyndale username and password.


If you have a Tyndale-owned device, you can select any of the following printers to print to in the "Print" options of your application:

  • KM_PrintAnywhere
  • PrintAnywhere
  • Fiery_PrintAnywhere 

Fiery_PrintAnywhere is for the two large printers, located at B301A and F402B. KM_PrintAnywhere and PrintAnywhere work for all other printers.

For non-Tyndale devices, you can continue to use the Web Print feature at to print PDF files using the same rules as above, just sign in with your Tyndale credentials.

If you send a print job and it does not appear when you are at a printer, try a different print queue or a different printer.

After sending a print job to a print queue, you can release it on the device by either selecting Print All or Print Release and selecting which prints you would like to make, which will then be printed.


  1. Sign into the printer
  2. Select Scan.

  1. Select Scan to Email

  1. Select your scan options, such as file name (1), scan settings (2), check Addition Pages (3) if it's more than one page of scanning, and then press Start (4)