Livestream Courses

Tyndale's Livestream courses are underway so Faculty need to take note of the important things that are essential and are required to be in place for a Livestream courses to run smoothly during any term.

Approval Process

The Deans will be the approvers of any Livestream/synchronous courses that take place. Prior to the approval of a new synchronous course, the Deans should have the support of the Department Chairs and the individual faculty members that will be instructing the class.

An approval triggers the following actions by the IT Department:

1. A Zoom account for the instructor teaching the livestream course 

2. An automated email message with instructions and minimum requirements will be sent to all ‘Streamers’ students who are enrolled in the Livestream course

3. Another automated email message will be sent to ‘Roomers’ students letting them know about the option of taking the course remotely

4. Training will be scheduled with the instructor on using Zoom for livestream - this is mandatory

5. A Zoom meeting room will be created for use during the entire course and a link posted to the courses Moodle page under the “Streamers Information Section”

6. A member of the IT department will be present 30 minutes prior to the start of the first class session to assist the instructor with joining the Zoom meeting

Have a delightful year engaging your Roomers and Streamers in an atmosphere of productive learning.