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Here’s how it works…

  • Step 1: Open a new email in your Outlook or Outlook Web Access (
  • Step 2: Add the email address emailfaxserver [at] tyndale [dot] ca to the To… Field
  • Step 3: In the Subject field enter the phone number you want to send the fax to
    • Phone numbers must be preceded by a 9
    • Long distance numbers require 9 and a 1 before the the phone number (North America only, other regions use different digits)
    • Long distance numbers require your LD code after the phone number
  • Step 4: Attach your message as a PDF document
  • Step 5: Press Send!

Below are two examples of what your email message will look like when sending a fax with your email address. The first figure shows a local fax number as a recipient. While the second figure shows a long distance number, including the long distance code.

Email-to-fax with local number

Tyndale's image to fax local number - 94162266620

Email to fax with long-distance number

Tyndale's image to long distance number - 91518555662012345