Tyndale HelpDesk

Tyndale IT Provides a online HelpDesk for use in tracking support requests from initial contact through resolution.  Tyndale Staff and Faculty can submit requests at helpdesk.tyndale.ca.  The HelpDesk is available both on and off campus.

How To:  Submitting Support Requests

  1. Open a web browser and browse to helpdesk.tyndale.ca
  2. Log in with your Tyndale Username and password

helpdesk.tyndale.ca login screen

  1. Select your Request Type from the Drop-Down menu.  Browse the list of IT-Related HelpDesk Request types for help in categorizing your request.
  2. In the Subject field, enter a brief description of the request
  3. In the Request Detail field, enter as much detail as you can regarding the Request to help IT in resolving it.

helpdesk.tyndale.ca create help request form fields

  1. When complete, select Save to submit the request.  You will be taken to a Thank You page and receive an e-mail confirmation with your request number and its status from WebHelpDesk.

helpdesk.tyndale.ca help request submission confirmation screen

How To:  Checking your Request Status, Adding Details, Cancelling Request

You can check the status of your request by logging into helpdesk.tyndale.ca and selecting the History tab.

helpdesk.tyndale.ca ticket history page

You may select the Ticket Number (blue box to the left of the Request) to see more details about the request, submit more information on a request that is in progress (Add Note), or cancel the request (ticket) if the issue has been resolved prior to a response from IT.
helpdesk.tyndale.ca ticket details page