Good news for Tyndale’s international students

Friday, July 18, 2014

International students at Tyndale University College & Seminary can now earn money in off-campus jobs. Tyndale is now recognized as a Designated Learning Institution by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). This means that Tyndale can continue to admit international students and these students are now eligible to obtain employment off-campus. James Brooks, Coordinator of Community and Global Engagement, says, “This is the best thing to happen to international students at Tyndale in a long time.” 

Until now, international students at Tyndale were not permitted to work off-campus. “Coming here was a big financial commitment,” James explains. “They had to have all the money they needed for school in-hand and there weren’t any non-Tyndale employment opportunities for them to earn money during the year.” Now, international students can work in an off-campus job for up to 20 hours per week, allowing them to earn money and continue their education at Tyndale.

Being able to work off-campus also offers students the opportunity to gain valuable life experiences in the workplace. Many Tyndale students choose to work while they pursue their higher education, which helps prepare them for a future outside of the university.

International students searching for employment opportunities will now be able to find Tyndale on the list of approved institutions by the CIC and will be able to indicate Tyndale’s Designated Learning Institution number on their study permit applications.

James expects that this will result in more international students choosing to attend Tyndale: “There is safety and security knowing that Tyndale is an approved school and it helps us become more recognized.”

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