Introducing the NEW Music and Worship Arts Minor

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This fall, the Music and Worship Arts Minor, developed by Dr. Melissa Davis, Assistant Professor of Music and Worship Arts, is officially launched. Dr. Davis says that Tyndale is poised at this time to offer students not only performance training but also the worship leadership angle, which is not currently offered by any other accredited university in Toronto.

When Dr. Davis moved back to Toronto from the United States, she realized there was a void in this city with regard to training in worship leadership. “A lot of churches are struggling with their music programs, and I felt strongly that there needed to be a place where musicians can train to be strong in music and then take that back to their churches,” says Dr. Davis. “I read about Tyndale’s history with music, and I thought we need that again.”

Learning from a singer, conductor and worship leader who will  include everything from Jamaican folk music, to gospel, to Motown, to Handel, students will explore genres and styles of music they may have never been exposed to. They will also examine how to be authentic worship leaders and navigate the battle between generations and cultures when it comes to musical style in today’s church. “We deal with a lot of the tough questions that people don’t realize worship leaders have to deal with,” says Dr. Davis.

The minor offers numerous opportunities for performance and worship ministry, as well as mentorship from professional musicians and practical training under the internship program. Students will perform and lead worship on campus as well as at churches and venues throughout the city.

“Music has always been a part of Tyndale’s DNA,” says Dr. Davis. “Sometimes I’ll be walking in the stairway and I’ll hear someone playing guitar. It’s really encouraging to hear that music is always present. To organize it into a program has been my delight.”


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