Shifting the Way We Recycle

Tyndale Goes Eco with E-products

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tyndale University College and Seminary is excited to introduce a new eco-friendly e-recycling program that will be available for the Tyndale community.

Robert Weiland, Tyndale’s IT Support Specialist, states that Tyndale has already been recycling its electronic products for the last two years. Recently, however, Tyndale has been approached by a new company and has been offered the opportunity to think about e-recycling in a new way.

Electronic products contain toxic substances that can pollute the environment. Anything from computers, televisions and microwaves to cell phones, laptops and batteries contain harmful chemicals. For Tyndale, Robert says “it’s in our best interest to keep it out of the eco-system.” Shift Recycling is certified by the government to dispose of e-waste in an environmentally friendly way. Shift Recycling will supply bins (small, medium, and large) that will be accessible for all students, staff and faculty on both campuses. To find out more about location of bins, days and times of service, and a full list of items, visit the IT’s e-recycling page on Tyndale’s website.

Shift Recycling specializes in the collection of these unwanted products, while guaranteeing its consumers data security. Every time Tyndale collects 500 pounds of e-products, Shift Recycling will pick up the bins for free. An added bonus to this is Shift Recycling will even pay Tyndale anything they can get value from, as well as giving Tyndale a certificate for the weight that has been disposed. As a whole institution, Tyndale can track and measure the process, which will be posted on IT’s e-recycling webpage.


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