Survivor: Exam Edition

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Exam season is fast approaching. With classes winding down, we asked students and professors to share with us some of their best study tips. Here are some of the responses we received:

“I don’t just make cue cards, read through them and try to press that all into my mind. Instead, I make up a song or even a dance, or I just turn it into a Shakespearean monologue and memorize that.” – Hayley Boomhower [BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy]

Get a good night’s sleep. When I’m studying I plan out my sleep schedule to make sure that I’m getting enough.” – Elizabeth Crouse [BA Philosophy]

Time travel. If you can go back 10 or 11 weeks and do better during the first half of the semester, it will serve you very well in the finals.” – Dr. Daniel Driver 

I go into a small, quiet room where I have at least one fan on low temperature blowing on the side. That way I can drown out all other sounds.” – Kyle Johnson [MDiv]

When you are preparing for exams, review relevant questions from the textbook and previous exams. If you are able to successfully complete a question, then go on to the next one. When you come across one you are not able to complete, write down the topic the question is about. So after you review a previous test you will have a list of topics you need to work on. This way you won’t have to read all the chapters.” – Prof. Joseph Bishay

If you like to write out what you need to know, then charts and lists help a lot. When I’m trying to make a study sheet, I put it into boxes within themes.” – Jason Fleet [BA Biblical Studies & Theology]

To achieve long-term memory, studying is something you should be doing on a regular basis. Review your notes less than 24 hours after a lecture, and review them on a weekly basis. At the outset, it seems to take more time because it’s something else that you have to factor into your week, but in the end it pays off.” – Lina Balsamo [Centre for Academic Excellence]

All the best to the students during exam season.


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