Tyndale residence named after President Boehmer

Thursday, July 30, 2015

President Dr. Stewart Boehmer was a strong leader in Christian education and in the Canadian church. Over the course of over 50 years of Christian ministry, Dr. Boehmer’s leadership resulted in exciting growth and development everywhere he served. He believed strongly in Christian education, once writing, “To succeed, one must have a sure foundation and one must steadfastly proceed to a clearly defined goal. This is true of institutions; it is true of men [and women]. Toronto Bible College was born of a goodly heritage, and established on the Rock of Ages. Her aim has been constant: to magnify the precious Word of God; and faithfully to instruct young people therein.”

From 1950 to 1963, he served on the Advisory Board and Board of Governors of Toronto Bible College (TBC). During this time, he was also on the Board of Governors for London College of Bible and Missions (LCBM). In 1963, he became President of TBC, after being accepted unanimously. The announcement of his presidency named his “pastor’s heart, business acumen and wide reputation in Christian education” as three of the many reasons for his promotion. He continued to serve as President for another 6 years before becoming the Chancellor. He remained Chancellor until his passing in 1981.

It was largely through Dr. Boehmer’s vision and initiative that TBC and LCBM joined to form Ontario Bible College (OBC) in 1968. He continued to serve as president at OBC for another six years before becoming Chancellor of the school in 1974. The school saw outstanding development under his strong leadership.

In a chapel service, he once told students, “There is no honour higher than for a man or woman to be called a servant of the living God.” He was certainly such a servant. Dr. Boehmer was born in 1907 in Kitchener, Ontario. He gave up a career in business to pursue pastoral ministry. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1933 and began his pastorate at First Baptist Church in Waterloo. Ten years later, he accepted an invitation to be the pastor of what is now Calvary Church in Toronto. Under his leadership, the church saw massive expansion, with a long-awaited building project completed and attendance doubled. He also encouraged the complete support of missionaries; the church bought surrounding houses for missionaries on furlough. Dr. Boehmer regularly went into the field, travelling to Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Along with foreign missions, Sunday school was a particular passion of Dr. Boehmer’s. He earned the nickname “Mr. Sunday School” as he and his wife Evelyn lectured and taught across the United States and Canada. In 1955, Wheaton College conferred on him the honorary degree of Doctor of Christian education, in recognition of his tremendous influence in North America.

Dr. Boehmer and Evelyn had warm-hearted natures and the gift of friendship. Evelyn served and entertained both staff and students with godly hospitality; she and her husband were well-known for hosting students for dinner, each year entertaining the entire first-year class. With his slogan “Do it now!”, Dr. Boehmer was a great encourager, known to send immediate notes of gratitude, sympathy or congratulations.

Tyndale University College & Seminary is built upon the legacies of Dr. Stewart and Evelyn Boehmer. Tyndale strives to shape the next generation of passionate Christ-followers. The Stewart & Evelyn Boehmer Residence was opened on July 4, 2015, in honour of the Boehmers’ service to the Canadian Christian community and to Tyndale. This guest residence will be available year-round to host boards, organizations, companies and individuals for overnight meetings and retreats. Located on the top floor and overlooking the expansive ravine, the residence includes 12 furnished guest rooms, a one-bedroom self-contained apartment, a two-bedroom self-contained apartment, meeting room, business centre, comfortable lounge, kitchenette and laundry facilities. 


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