Community Chapel - Rev. Audley Goulbourne

Reverend Audley Goulbourne was born in Jamaica, and later moved to Canada where he began ministry as a youth pastor and a staff person of Youth Unlimited. Rev. Audley is a Tyndale University College & Seminary graduate and he is currently the Senior Pastor at Lisle Memorial Baptist Church, located in the Jane-Finch area of Toronto. He has been serving at the church since 1987. Rev. Goulbourne has been married for over 25 years now. His wife Yvonne is Vice Principal in a local public school. They are the parents of three grown sons - Matthew, Jonathan, and Nathaniel. As a father of three sons, Rev. Goulbourne has been motivated to work with boys, particularly those growing up without fathers. He is presently developing the Journey to Manhood Institute. It is a program to help guide boys on the journey from boyhood to manhood so that they will become responsible and respected godly men. The program involves rite of passage ceremonies for boys and young men when they reach their 13th and 18th birthdays.

Speaker: Rev. Audley Goulbourne
Chapel Date: Tuesday February 28, 2012
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