Gather Chapel - Sarah Colyn

About Sarah Colyn

“We live in a noisy world, full of distractions and idle talk. This endless stream of words can leave us even more empty and disconnected.” Sarah Colyn speaks on the importance of daily silence in the midst of our busy lives.

Sarah Colyn’s heart was captured for this ministry when she first heard Leanne Payne speak of the need for a true, biblical vision of what it is to be human.  Joining with Leanne to carry on her work has convinced Sarah indeed that “our becoming never stops!” 

She is Director of Ministries of MPC, and is also the founder and director of Sanctuary Psychological Services in Edmonds, Washington.  She holds a BA from Calvin College, and an MA in Christian Leadership and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary.  She is an active member of North Sound Church, grew up in the Christian Reformed church and has been mentored by Pentecostal, Catholic, and Evangelical Christian leaders.  Sarah and her husband Mike have been blessed with over twenty years of marriage.  They live in Washington state with their daughter and two sons.