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About Amanda Camacho

The community of believers should strive to coexist in a community that is transparent, comprised of people of all age groups, who are living out their faith, and who know that they can trust Jesus in every area of their life.

The question is, how do we establish intergenerational, or age-inclusive ministry, in our own church context?

In high school, Amanda Camacho [MDiv 2014] was looking for work and thought a nursing home was something different and more meaningful. At the time, she didn’t realize the impact this work would have on her spiritually and the way it would determine her future path. At first, working with the elderly was a job, then it became a passion, and now Amanda sees her work as a calling.

Amanda serves as chaplain at Shepherd Village Seniors Community in Scarborough, where she implements her “two real loves, working with elderly individuals and trying to develop new and creative ways to relate the Bible in their current situation, whether they have dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

Speaker: Amanda Camacho
Chapel Date: Wednesday August 31, 2016
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