Chapel - Dion Oxford

Dion Oxford

Dion Oxford speaks about what he has learned from his 25 years of experience working with people experiencing homelessness.

Dion Oxford is a Jesus follower first and foremost. He is the Mission Strategist for The Salvation Army’s 5 homeless shelters in Toronto, called Housing and Homeless Supports. Dion, along with his wife Erinn and daughter Cate, live in Toronto and are committed to journeying alongside people in the margins of society. He has spent more than 25 years working among folks who are living on or close to the streets of Toronto. He was the founding director of the Salvation Army Gateway, a shelter for men experiencing homelessness.

Dion also lives with Multiple Sclerosis and uses a walker or mobility scooter to get around. He is an advocate on behalf of people in the margins of society, and is an accomplished public speaker on the topic of housing, homelessness and disabilities. He likes to read, rant, write, fly kites, watch TV, play and listen to music, and hang out with his friends. He and his wife see the solution to homelessness as taking seriously the 2 great commandments of loving God and loving our neighbour.

Speaker: Dion Oxford
Chapel Date: Tuesday September 19, 2017
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