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About Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

Dr. Neufeldt-Fast examines the story of the wisemen in Matthew's Gospel and show how the redeeming work of Jesus was for all people, Jews and Gentiles alike.

Dr. Neufeldt-Fast brings to the position of Director of the Master of Theological Studies Modular Program a strong background in teaching and administration as well as international exposure. From 2000-2006 Dr. Neufeldt-Fast was the Coordinator of a MA in Pastoral Ministries modular program at the Theological Seminary, Bienenberg, Switzerland, in partnership with the University of Wales and the Oxford Centre of Mission Studies. He has taught primarily theology and ethics at both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as courses in Christian spirituality. Dr. Neufeldt-Fast has authored a number of articles and scholarly book reviews in both English and German and has translated a variety of German theological texts into English. He is currently translating the second volume of Karl Barth’s Göttingen Dogmatics (Eerdmans). Dr. Neufeldt-Fast is an ordained minister in the Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada.

Speaker: Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast
Chapel Date: Thursday January 4, 2018
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