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Dr. Elizabeth Davey

Dr. Elizabeth Davey examines how we as people prepare for eternity and how we should look forward to the hope of the future.

Dr. Davey has taught English Literature at Tyndale since 1976. Over the years, she introduced a variety of courses—“Milton,” “Studies in C.S. Lewis,” “Canadian Literature,” “Key Figures in American Literature,” and “Religious Themes in Literature”—that anticipated the larger literature curriculum of a Christian liberal arts university. In 1998, she was appointed both Director of the Leading Edge program and the Department Chair of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department. From 2000 to 2004, she served the University College as Associate Dean. She also developed and directed the Writing Centre. Her recent doctoral project focused on the Canadian poet Margaret Avison.

Dr. Davey co-authored Climbing the Spiritual Mountain: The Questions of Jesus (Wipf and Stock, 2014) with Dr. Alan Davey. A Persevering Witness: The Poetry of Margaret Avison (Pickwick) was published in 2016.

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Davey
Chapel Date: Tuesday January 9, 2018
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