Chapel - Pastor Kevin White

About Kevin White

Kevin White Chapel Speaker

Kevin White speaks about people's inherent thirst for belonging, to matter, to be wanted, and to be loved by examining the story of the woman at the well in John 4.

Kevin's passion is for youth and their families to be spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially healthy. He is enthusiastic about engaging the community and empowering young people to use their strengths for God's kingdom. His love of the arts also continues to shine through drama, rapping and playing instruments.

Kevin's responsibilities include oversight of Cornerstone's incredible YouthQuest Junior and Senior High students, mentoring families by providing training and resources, and directing sports and recreation ministries for community youth. He also serves as Community Partner on the Greensborough Public School Parents Council. Kevin is active in Cornerstone's preaching ministry, and holds a Master of Divinity degree in Youth and Family Ministries from Tyndale Theological Seminary.