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How do we as Christians view God's calling? Many students in University and College find the topic of one's calling very stressful and unclear. Katelyn Beaty spends some time naming and encoutering the various myths that exist about vocation and replaces themselves with truer and more comprehensive understandings about vocation.

Katelyn Beaty is an Ohio native, an oldest child, and an INFJ. The most important thing you should know is that she loves words and believes they can change the world. She first learned this as an undergrad at Calvin College, where she worked on the student newspaper and genuinely looked forward to writing papers. After studying theology at Oxford University, she landed her first job copy editing Christianity Today magazine in the suburbs of Chicago. Katelyn went on to launch a women's website (Her.meneutics) and become the magazine's youngest and first female managing editor.

However, it has not all been upward and onward, at age 27 she  went through a major life event that seriously upset her identity and sense of purpose. Katelyn decided to write a book about work, vocation, and identity, which came out in 2016 from Simon & Schuster / Howard Books.

Katelyn speaks regularly on faith and work, women's vocation, writing, and evangelicalism.

Speaker: Katelyn Beaty
Chapel Date: Tuesday March 13, 2018
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