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Prof. Sharon Ramsay

Remembering is a radical act that we can so easily forget, especially when things do not go as we want. Prof. Sharon Ramsay examines how the unrelenting quest for more can leave us breathless. The concept of "more" defined by the world, looks like validation, likes and mentions. When defined by God, He offers relationships, a real rest and the unforced rythymns of grace.

Since 1998, Sharon has been an educator of graduate-level counselling students. In her therapy practice, Sharon consults with couples, individuals and families on a variety of issues covering stages of the family life cycle. Sharon is infomed by emotin-focused an collaborative ways of working in her clinical, supervisory and teaching relationships. She is a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of the AAMFT.

Speaker: Prof. Sharon Ramsay
Chapel Date: Wednesday July 11, 2018
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