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In this final community chapel for 2018, there will be three speakers that will be bringing some meditations that reflects on the meaning of advent and Christmas in their life.

Constance Stender shares about two bible characters that experienced peace from God. Later, she shares about her life story, how she allowed God to use her, and how she experienced peace from God – reminding us who we are in God’s eyes.

Karen Gallimore shares about how God had a different plan for her,than she did and how God has been faithful through it all – reminding us that we are not the entire story, we are just part of a bigger story.

Scott Rough shares of the times he experienced peace in his life when he learned how to cast his cares to God – reminding us how God cares for us.

Speaker: Constance Stender, Karen Gallimore, Scott Rough
Chapel Date: Tuesday December 18, 2018
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