Chapel - Christa Hesselink

Christa Hesselink

What do you feel like you need to keep going on your journey of faith? The title of this week’s community chapel message is “The Way is Made by Walking”. Christa Hessellink, a Tyndale Seminary graduate, former pastor, and current author and popular speaker, will share four things that will help you keep going onward and upward.

Christa is the founder of the Love2Love Project which, to date, has given over $45,000 to vulnerable children in Syria and Mozambique. She is also the author of Canadian best-selling book, Life’s Great Dare: Risking It All for the Abundant Life. Having mentored dozens of leaders over the years, her greatest satisfaction is in bearing witness to, and companioning people in their journey of transformation.

Speaker: Christa Hesselink
Chapel Date: Tuesday January 29, 2019
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