Chapel - Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt

Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt

Our society always attempts to insulate itself from pain and death. Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt will address how to embrace pain with his message entitled “On Embracing Pain”.

Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt is an Adjunct Professor of Youth and Family Ministries here at Tyndale Seminary. He is also the founding pastor of Church on the Rock, one of the largest and longest running youth-targeted churches in North America. In addition to 27 years in youth ministry, Dr. Overholt has a doctorate in philosophy of education from University of Toronto with a thesis in “Adults Mentoring Adolescents.” His books include: Reasons to Believe (a youth apologetic), Live What You Believe (a youth growth project), Soul Searching the Millennial Generation (a youth worker’s guide to teen work) and New Beginnings (a youth devotional). Dr. Overholt speaks to thousands of students each year through a wide-ranging speaking and consulting ministry.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Dave Overholt
Chapel Date: Tuesday May 28, 2019
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