Chapel - Sister Sue Mosteller

Sister Sue Mosteller

This week's chapel is a continuation of our theme on the place, value, and importance of cultivating historic spiritual practices in our lives as a principle of Christian discipleship. In this chapel, Sister Sue Mosteller of the Sisters of St. Joseph will speak on the practice of "solitude". 

Sister Sue began working with L'Arche in Richmond Hill in 1972, and remarked, "It’s a gift for me to live here."  For 40 years, Sue served in leadership of the community and the Federation. She also worked with Henri Nouwen during his ten years at Daybreak. In 2012, Sue rejoined her Sisters in a Toronto Convent, where she works for the Henri Nouwen Legacy as a Trustee, a Society Member, and with Henri’s Archival Collection at the University of Toronto St. Michael’s College.  She is regularly connected with her friends at L’Arche Daybreak and Toronto, and she gives retreats and workshops.

Speaker: Sister Sue Mosteller
Chapel Date: Tuesday February 11, 2020
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